VR training benefits

Minimize your training cost with virtual reality (VR)

Let’s be honest here, training new employees quickly and effectively while minimizing costs has always been a challenge for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). Virtual Reality (VR) is a game-changing technology that is starting to transform the way QSRs train their staff. In this article, we will explore how VR can drastically reduce training costs, minimize […]

Adoption and Use of VR Training in the QSR Industry

“… without having to schedule restaurant crews for specific additional shifts, the shorter, focused training modules can be incorporated into a regular shift with minimal distribution to the restaurant’s regular operations. This shift from centralized training locations to mobile training in stores with fully immersive, measurable training is here to stay.” “The use of VR […]

Virtual Reality Training Games In Restaurants

“In the midst of high turnover, cook shortages and rising minimum wages, VR training companies have positioned the technology as a potential remedy for many of the issues the industry faces today: more accessible and in-depth training, improved employee retention, targeted advancement of high-performing employees, and, through that, better margins and long-term sustainability.”

Can VR Elevate Your Restaurant’s Training Program?

“Fun fact: the average cost of turnover for hourly employees is $1,800, which is especially alarming considering the foodservice industry has a staggering turnover rate of 75 percent.Training, recruiting, and other labor costs are often among the largest expenses of quick-serves, which means finding better ways to control this variable cost and reduce impact on […]